Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Garden to Table

Tortellini with brocooli pesto

With the holidays coming up, I think everyone should have a cache of quick and simple recipes to pull together for dinners.

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Salmon noodle casserole

For most of us the holiday season is busy, busy and we often look around for quick and inexpensive meals to serve.

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Garden to table

With holidays coming up, here is a recipe you can make ahead, freeze and pop into the oven when people drop by.

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Buzzy's Crab Cakes

I have a couple of friends coming for a visit this week and they are offering to bring crab meat from the Gulf Coast if I will make crab cakes.

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Tomato and eggplant tartines

It is hard to believe that soon the fresh tomatoes will be gone and we’ll have to wait until next June -at the earliest- to enjoy them again!

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Mustard greens and chard with lemon vinaigrette

I have loads of red mustard and “Bright Lights” chard planted in my winter garden along with two rows of bunching onions.

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Greekzucchini fritters

Sadly, I didn’t get a single squash of any description this summer.

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Doris's eggplant patties

My friend Doris is a country cook.

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Tomato pie

I am still getting dribbles of tomatoes from the garden. I counted 6 Cherokee Purples ripening on one remaining vine.

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Asian Fish Bake

With the weather turning a bit cooler and the summer veggies slowing down and fall ones coming up as seedlings waiting to be planted when there is an empty garden bed, suddenly there seems to be an overwhelming amount of work to be done to get ready for the fall planting.

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