Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Garden to Table

Spinach and asparagus quiche

My garden is cranking out fresh spinach, chard and asparagus to the point where I am looking for different ways to prepare it.

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Baked eggs with grits and ham

Mother’s Day is just a little more than two weeks away and this recipe would be a great one to treat “Mother” on her special day.

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Garden to table

This recipe is so easy to make since it is basically a one dish-or one packet creation.

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Five ingredient granola bars

At our house we don’t keep sugary desserts and snacks around but sometimes you just really want something a little sweet to snack on.

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Sweet potato biscuits

If you have never made or eaten sweet potato biscuits, give yourself a treat and make them soon!

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Curried lentil and rice loaf

The only thing going into this recipe that is right out of my garden is the parsley, the tomato puree(well, that was in the freezer from last summer’s crop) and the carrots .

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Chard stuffed pork loin

Happily, I still have loads of chard and kale greens in my garden. Looking for a different recipe for chard, I came across one using the chard as a stuffing for a roasted pork loin.

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Citrus berry terrine

On a recent trip to California, I was fortunate enough to stay with friends who had an orange, grapefruit and lemon tree in their back yard.

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Jeff's sweet potato casserole

Sweet potatoes are a plentiful, inexpensive and nutritious source of vitamins this time of year and we Southerners like them many ways.

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Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice Madjadara

Here’s another hearty stew that has its roots om the Middle East but can easily be adapted to our tastes.

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