Monday, June 26, 2017
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Thoughts from the Bible

Thoughts from the Bible 8-14-13

I read a fable once concerning a mouse which lived in the home of a magician. The mouse was in constant fear of cats. Taking pity on the mouse, the magician changed it into a cat, but immediately it developed a fear of dogs. Then the magician turned the mouse / cat into a dog, only to observe that it now feared lions. The magician mercifully turned the mouse / cat / dog into a lion, but in the form of a lion it trembled at the sight of hunters. Thereupon the magician bellowed, “Out upon you! Be a mouse again! You have only the heart of a mouse!”


Thoughts from the Bible - 08/07/13

Hiding from God

I heard the story of a preacher who phoned the home of some recent church visitors.


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