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Greetings from We Care, Inc. - 12/29/10

I got this to the editor too late for it to be used at the proper time but I wanted to run it anyway.

It will soon be Jesus’ Birthday so what are we going to give Him?  Well, the most precious gift we can give Him is our life.  

His ultimate gift to us was His life and everything we have and all He asks for in return is our love and adoration, faith in His word.  Believe He is Lord.  I think He gets cheated.  He gave us far more than most of us  give Him.  

I sometimes hear people say (and I once thought so myself) “it’s hard to believe in something we can’t see, hear, feel.”  But think of this, a friend recently reminded me, we can’t see, touch or feel George Washington but we know he lived because history tells us so.  Then is it so hard to believe it when we read in the Bible, the greatest history book ever written,  that He once walked on this earth, that He lives, that He loves us beyond measure.  

We believe that Shakespeare lived as well as others who wrote the Classics centuries ago that still survive today.  So why is it so hard to believe that around this time of the year two thousand and ten years ago a precious Baby Boy was born to a mother who loved and cuddled Him just like we cuddle and love our babies.  But this was a Special Baby.  How could His mother know as she held Him and wrapped Him in a warm blanket that cold winter night that one day He would become the Savior of mankind, that His little feet and hands would be nailed to an ugly cross, that people would spit on Him and He would hang on that cross until slowly He died. And even hanging there and suffering unknown agony, dying,  He forgave the thief hanging next to him and told him He would see Him in Paradise.  He longs to forgive us today just as He forgave that thief on the cross. All we have to do is ask Him . 

Nothing you have ever done is too big for him to forgive and have mercy on you.  

People have told me, “I’ve done so much I don’t know if He will ever forgive me.”

Oh, yes, He will!  Of course He will.  He said He would.  Just ask Him to forgive all the things you have done wrong and let today be the “first day of the rest of your life.”   He will erase all the bad things from your record.  You have never sinned so much that He wouldn’t do that for you.  You don’t have to believe me read your Bible and it will tell you the same thing....”ask and you will receive..”  You can start with a pearly white clean slate today.  All the bad stuff can be wiped away.  Think about that.  Imagine a large poster with every bad thing you have ever done in your life written on it and as you look it at the words begin to fade away and as they fade the slate becomes whiter and whiter.  

There is a song that says He will wash you whiter than snow.  And I believe that.  These past years I have had so many Jesus Experiences you wouldn’t believe some of them.  It was hard for me to believe it at the time.  But He has proved to me He can do all things.

Whatever you are fighting and wrestling with in your life today get on your knees  right now and turn it all over to Him.  Hand it to Him as His Christmas Present and He will take it all “and run with it” and you will never have to worry about it again.  When you have been washed in the red blood of Jesus Christ you will know a life like you have never known before.  You will want to shout it from the rooftops and testify to everybody you come in contact with and soon you will be one of His best Disciples.

And, at last, you will have peace.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

p.s.  Some of you who do not know me may think I sound like a “religious fanatic.”  Not so.  I’m as normal as anyone else! But, I know from experience what the Lord can do when you are at a suicidal point in your life.  He lifted me up when I thought I could never crawl again and He breathed new life into me.  That is not to say I don’t still have some bad days but I know with His help that I will soon see the light again.

No, I’m not a fanatic.  I have just learned to accept the truth about Christ as I know it and I can talk about Him and to Him just as easy as I can talk about, or to, a friend.  It just comes natural to me.  He and I have a long history and He has become my best friend.  I trust Him and He has rewarded me beyond my wildest imagination.  

I still have fun.  I still have an uproarish laugh.  I enjoy the good things in life and I love my friends (and some of my enemies).  Just because you believe in Jesus Christ it doesn’t make you a freak!  It makes you a Christian, a fun-loving Christian. (Now will somebody pass the hat, please).

Pastor Greg DeVries at The Rock Family Worship Center in Scottsboro will be the featured speaker at Celebrate Recovery on Thursday, Dec. 30.   Before he came to know Christ he struggled with drug addiction. He found freedom from his addiction in a Christian drug rehabilitation program.  Greg has a passion for lost souls and believes in ministering in the power of the Word of God. He and his wife Gretchen live in Scottsboro with their 11 children and have one on the way.


Greetings from We Care, Inc. - 12/22/10

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Greetings from We Care, Inc. - 12/15/10

Last week we talked about simple blessings. Let’s explore some of the simple things we can do if we take the time to eliminate some stress from our lives. Of course, you nor I will probably take the time to do it, but why not? Why not take ten to thirty minutes a day for ourselves.

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Greetings from We Care, Inc. - 12/08/10

The following is taken from a little book that was given to me as a gift.  I’m taking the liberty of quoting some of it without permission but with full acknowledgment of where it came from.  I don’t feel that Thomas Kincaid would mind my using some of this work to make others feel better….

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Greetings from We Care, Inc. - 12-01-10

I have had a lot of comments on our recent columns on depression.  Let’s explore depression some more, for my benefit as much as for yours.  Depression is one of the worst “dis-eases” anyone can suffer from.  It is the most debilitating, humiliating, hurtful, make-you-want-to-die  thing that can happen to anyone. And it can happen to anyone.

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