Sunday, June 25, 2017
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It's Syling 06-11-14

Several times in the late weeks clients have come in asking how they would look in short hair and of course, what is the ‘Big Things’ coming out.

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It's Syling 06-04-14

By now you know that shampooing your hair everyday is not the best thing to do, so what will help you out? 

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It's Syling 05-21-14

Okay you are ready to take off your nail enhancements and get back to your natural nails.

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It's Syling 05-07-14

Is your dandruff related to your diet?  

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It's Syling 04-30-14

Ingrown toe nails are familiar enough to nail techs and clients that they’re often dismissed as a simple annoyance. 

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