Thursday, June 29, 2017
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It’s styling...9/29/10

Forgive me if I run a previous article but many clients still do not understand the  necessity of conditioners, and I want to say again after summertime the hair needs to be revitalized and kept in good condition.


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It’s styling...9/22/10

In the cosmetology industry we have multitudes of hair color systems.  Each one of these hair color systems have their own uniqueness and expel these virtues to stylists at hair shows and private training sessions.


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It’s styling...9/15/10

A new gene has been discovered that determines the texture of people’s hair. Thanks to six Pakistani families, scientists at Columbia and Rutgers decoded a gene for “wooly hair,” a condition that is characterized by coarse, lusterless and tightly curled strands of hair.  The culprit: a variant in a gene called P2RY5.  So what does this mean?  Well, the researchers set out to find genes involved in hair texture and sparseness that might help in the treatment of more common hair problems, senior study author Angela Christiano told the Health Blog.


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It’s styling...9/8/10

American Salon magazine is a publication serving professional hairstylists and salon owners.  The magazine reviews products and gives us the updates on professional products and shows along with information within the beauty industry.


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It’s styling...9/1/10

Most everyone gets some of those pesky skin tags somewhere on their body from time to time.  They bother you but mostly skin tags are harmless.  They generally occur in folding areas of the body such as the neck, under the breasts and armpits as well as skin that is frequently in contact with clothing.  Skin tags do not have to be removed for any health reason, but they can be removed with some simple natural remedies.


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