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It's Styling 07-22-15

What type of curly hair do you have? Is it wavy, curly, or coily?

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It's Styling 07-15-15

Polish staining can result in a yellow to orange, sallow, discolored nail.

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It's Styling 07-01-15

Thickened toenails can be a common nail complaint and often clients erroneously assume that they have a fungal infection.

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It's Styling 06-24-15

If you think you are ready to snip your locks into a pixie, it is important to communicate with your stylist about what exactly you want, and to be sure you are ready for the upkeep.

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It's Styling 06-17-15

A trumpet nail is known as a pincer nail because the end of the nail looks like a trumpet.

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