Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Guntersville Grass Issues

As we progress into 2014 the issue of the grass on Lake Guntersville seems to take front and center for me.

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Rambling on about fishing

It appears to me that the sport of fishing is reaching new highs in respect to the number of people fishing in the country; more boats, more fishermen and more fish are being caught than ever before.

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What Happened to the Good Old Days?

As we have moved through time in the last many years I constantly get reminded that the fishing industry has changed drastically; I am not sure it has all been good, but it for sure has changed. We have entered a time in the fishing world where there has just been an abundant amount of blatant lack of ethics!

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Post-spawn, BIg Worm Fishing

There is nothing that goes together with post-spawn fish better than fishing a big worm on drops, edges and points.

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Thanks to the Scottsboro Police Department

“The City of Scottsboro has done great work improving City Park – new parking, new docks, wifi, it’s a very nice facility for all to use. 

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