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It's Styling 07-22-15

What type of curly hair do you have? Is it wavy, curly, or coily?

Truly wavy hair has an S formation. Neither curly nor straight, it can go back and forth or have more of an open loop. Highly versatile, it retains curl because it already has natural movement.

For wavy hair, one needs frizz reduction products, lightweight defining products, hydration products, and volumizers and shine enhancers.

Curly hair often has a mixed pattern to the hair. It has two movements to look at: the size and expansion of the curl, and how tightly the curl wants to sit together. With curly hair the most complaints are that it is either too short, too wide and frizzy. Curly hair has to have the correct moisturizing products or the hair blows up. You will also have to have strengthening treatments, volume control for either a smooth or defined finish and lastly, you will need shine enhancing products.

Coily hair grows close to the scalp and ranges from medium coils to springy ones, or interlocking ones that have a zigzag pattern. Clients with coily hair often complain their scalp hurts.

This type hair is very porous and it tangles easily because the cuticle is raised. Coily hair needs moisture but a good diet will help. Coily hair is dry, frizzy and fragile because sebum oil (which the body produces naturally) cannot travel far down the hair shaft. The hair can be coarse or fine and needs intense moisturizing and strengthening treatments (moisture and protein in these products must be balanced). Use frizz control products along with smoothing and shine enhancers.

Ask your stylists which products they would recommend.

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