Friday, May 26, 2017
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Polish staining can result in a yellow to orange, sallow, discolored nail. There are several causes for yellow nails. Now before we know if this is just a stain from nail polish your doctor should have ruled out fungus or circulatory problems.

Polish staining occurs because the porosity of the nail is variable. Certain people with more porous nails are more prone to pigment staining thus we have yellow looking nails when the polish is removed. Not all polish dyes are alike, the darker the color the more pigment there is that can potentially migrate and adhere to the nail surface.

Polish staining is an issue with all brands. Most of the polish staining can be avoided by simply using a clear base coat before applying the colored nail polish. In salons, nail techs should always use a base coat before applying polish but if you are doing your nails at home and your nails are yellow looking without polish use a base coat next time.

Now to remove that yellow look you can soak your nails in acetone for about 10 minutes or just use a fine buffer to file down the nail lightly to remove that ugly yellow.

If the yellow tone on the nail is still present after soaking or buffing do go to your doctor to make sure there are not any serious health problems.

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