Monday, June 26, 2017
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It's Styling 07-01-15

Thickened toenails can be a common nail complaint and often clients erroneously assume that they have a fungal infection.

In reality what many don’t realize is that our foot biomechanics dictate our nail thickness to a large degree. The nail begins growing about half way between the distal joint and the cuticle. Any friction or trauma overlying this region of the digit will therefore put pressure on the delicate matrix (where the nail grows from) resulting in the formation of a thicker nail.

The cause is therefore a mechanical one. Clients often wonder why their nails look different now from when they were younger. It is important to understand that as our feet change so do our nails.

In cases where a client has foot pain or pressure-induced foot changes, they should be referred to a podiatrist. If that pressure is relieved the nail will has the opportunity to grow more normally.

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