Monday, June 26, 2017
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It's Styling 06-24-15

If you think you are ready to snip your locks into a pixie, it is important to communicate with your stylist about what exactly you want, and to be sure you are ready for the upkeep.

Here are 3 key questions to ask your stylist before going under the scissors.

What specific style do I want? You can’t just walk in and tell your stylist you want short hair—tell him or her what style and length pixie you are thinking so you don’t end up with shorter hair than you bargained for. Take a photo.

What kind of products will I need to plan on buying to maintain the look? Styling a pixie requires different products than long hair does; you may need to adjust your styling routine and invest in some new styling products, like pomade or styling wax.

How Often will I need to get haircuts? Maintaining the shape of a pixie requires more upkeep than you may be used to, so be sure to ask your stylist how often you should be going in for trims − it will probably be every 4-6 weeks.

Everyone should try a short cut that is geared for the shape of your face so consult with your stylist! (info for this article is from Harris Publications)

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