Monday, June 26, 2017
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A trumpet nail is known as a pincer nail because the end of the nail looks like a trumpet.

This is a type of ingrown nail where both sides of the nail plate curve downward and pinch into the soft tissue of the skin surrounding the nail. As this type nail grows and curves sharper it digs into the skin and will cause redness, tenderness and will become inflamed. The nail may thicken and left untreated, infection can develop. Pincer nails usually develop because of shoes that pinch the toes together or improper cutting or filing of the nail.

To treat this type nail is a case of possible surgery, to corrective filing. If you notice an inward curve forming on your nails, point it out to your nail tech and she will determine what type filing can be done and how severe it is. However, if the area around the nail area is swollen, warm, irritated, or infected please go to your doctor.

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