Thursday, June 29, 2017
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It's Styling 06-10-15

Let’s get a head start on thinking about Father’s Day gifts. Maybe not the ski boat or sock kind of gift but one that makes him know you thought of him in another way.

Nail Magazine has suggested getting your nails painted white with a man’s tie painted on the nail in black or plaid which ever fits your dad’s personality. Or, if you have small children, have little hands painted on your nails mommy to show the little hands that will always need him. Maybe put “Daddy’s little girl” on one of the nails.

Take a look at Daddy’s feet and if he will never sit in a pedicure chair give him a box of Happy Feet which is a bootie filled with gel that he will soak his feet in. In the next few days all that nasty skin will just peel off without the fuss of going to a pedicurist.

Check his hands out if they seem dry all the time get him some ManiSavers which are gloves with the finger ends cut out that help hold in moisture and will keep the hand warm. Also, there is Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks which are simple to use, just slide your hand or foot into them and gently massage the healing emollient around the cuticles. Then snip off the tips of the glove or sock to expose the nails and push back the cuticles if you want. Then slide off the glove or sock and massage the excess cream to moisturize forearms and legs.

Just wanted you to get to thinking early about that Father’s Day gift! Oh don’t forget you can just get him a gift certificate at any salon for a hair cut or a mani/pedi.

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