Friday, June 23, 2017
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It's Styling 06-03-15

Every week salons and nail salons are asked to help with a clients splitting nails.

The industry always provides products that should help with this problem but the products always fall short of a long term cure for peeling splitting nails. I am not putting down any of these well researched products but most have drying ingredients in their formulations.

First of all, nails have many layers, up to 100 layers, and each of these layers have to keep moisturized for the nail not to peel or be brittle. To get the best moisturizing results you have to use something that gets between those nail layers. From the Nail Structure and Product Chemistry say, “Oils are absorbed into the nail plate to keep it flexible, but much more slowly than water, similar to how oils are absorbed a lot more slowly right into the nail plate, it is also a lot more difficult for the oils to escape. Therefore, oils stay in the plate for a very long time and can exert a dramatic long-term influence on the durability of the natural nail plate.”

So I challenge those that have peeling brittle nails to this 3 day journey. 1. Clear away all nail lacquer 2. Use only Jojoba oil and apply to the nail even to the filed end of the nail. Your nail will feel oily. 3. Once in a while throughout the next hour or two, rub the surface oil into your nail. 4. When ever you do this your fingernails will feel less oily. When you feel the oil has become absorbed, reapply. 5. Repeat step 4 for you first 72 hours. After you get to the point that it takes your fingernails 4 hours or more to absorb the oil, you can proceed to the swiping the nail with acetone and then applying polish.

Good Luck !

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