Friday, June 23, 2017
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It's Styling 05-20-15

The foot is trending to be the next hand; every woman wants her feet to look beautiful, especially in open-toed shoes, high-heels, or sandals.

Nail techs can work magic when it comes to beautifying the feet and easing everyday aches, but even the best magicians have their limits.

That’s when medical intervention may be called for. Using a combination of peels, lasers, microdermabrasion, sclerotherapy, fillers, and fat graphing, plastic surgeons are transforming hard, dull and aging feet to their glory days.

Patients go to dermatologist for Botox to relieve the feet from sweating which causes foot odor. Most times if you are experiencing pain in the heel you have lost the fat pad under the foot associated with aging and putting pressure on our feet over time and that means you need fat injections to help the bottom of your feet.

Doctors use sclerotherapy or laser treatments for enlarged veins or abnormally shaped spider-type blood vessels at the top of the skin.

Doctors can use a device like VeinViewer and AccuView to look at veins. This allow the Doctor to see if there are any underlying issues causing foot swelling or pain. This allows the doctor to see if there are any underlying issues causing foot swelling.

Peels or laser treatments are used to exfoliate the skin, improve wrinkling, sun damage, and pigmentation problems. So check your feet out when you are getting your next pedicure and see if they need rejuvenating to a young looking age!

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