Friday, June 23, 2017
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It's Styling 05-06-15

Okay we need everyone to know gray hair is the most awesome hair color to have this season.

Women are coming into salons asking for gray hair. Stylist have to warn these women with darker hair to expect some dark roots to show in a few days but have some fun with those gray strands while you can. Clients ask stylists what it takes to get to that beautiful light gray hair. Sometimes it is as simple as let your hair grow out while others that have been highlighted just need the highlights toned to a light gray.

If you need a full head bleach out it is necessary to use a bleach that does not harm the skin because even after lifting the color out of the hair a toner will probably have to be used. If you are unsure about how you will look in platinum gray or steel gray hair find a wig to try on.

Some stylist purchase these color wigs just so their clients can see how their skin looks with this color hair. Believe it when I say you will be surprised how well most clients look with their new lighter gray hair!

Consult with you stylist if you are thinking about making a statement this season!

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