Thursday, June 29, 2017
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It's Styling 04-29-15

Operating a beauty salon isn’t as relaxing as visiting one. Many rules and regulations apply to the industry to ensure safe, responsible business practices and compliance with the law. Rules and regulations depend on what type of beauty salon you are operating and where your business is located, as they are set by state boards and city codes.

All salons are required to post a rating on their sanitation which is given out by state inspectors and this means the salon is meeting all the requirements required by the state.

All employees in the salon must hold an up-to-date license. Many chemicals used in a salon are hazardous to the health of clients and employees if improperly used or stored, and all chemicals should be handled with care.

Salons follow a long list of you-can-not-do-this. For example, we cannot have animals in a salon. This is not an owner of the salons rules this is the state boards laws. Salons cannot leave unattended hair color in a bowl. This is not the owners rules this is the state boards laws. Salons must provide a clean working bathroom.

Combs and brushes have to be sanitized before use on another client. Hair cuttings cannot be left on the floor while the stylist blow dries and styles the clients hair. These are the rules of the state board not the owners rules.

Now each salon can establish rules in areas of, for instance, children. It is not the practice of a salon to baby-sit and watch your child while an adult is getting a haircut or color. For the most part salons are about the comfort of all clients and if that means stopping a child or anyone from interrupting that relaxing time we can set rules in place.

Please understand salon have laws, rules and standards we have to follow or we are fined monetarily or given a low score on our ratings.

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