Friday, June 23, 2017
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Natural Elements and the winter

Winter is, without a doubt, a difficult time of year for many fishermen. Trying to find fish when the water temperature is cold, or the weather is less than comfortable, becomes a challenging task for many. If you’re lucky enough to find them it then becomes another tough task to get them to bite but if you look for some natural keys it does increase your ability to accomplish your task at hand.
The X-factor, to me, is warming water. If you can find water on the increase in temperature you generally find the fish. The question becomes: where do you go to find the water temperature on the increase? The natural elements are the keys and one of them is the winning 2014 Classic pattern of rocky banks. There is, without question, no doubt that the water temperatures were on the rise around the rocky causeways during the classic and Randy Howell, the Classic winner, proved it. If you dissect your lake you will find that there are generally rocky areas on any lake, whether it is causeways that are man-made, or just solid rocky banks, your lake has them and you should know where they are for winter bass.  
Finding rocky banks though are not the only key to where the water temperature is increasing; you must let the other natural elements lead you to the correct rocky bank. In this case it is the sun. Wherever the sun is hitting is the next natural key. The sun warms the rocky areas and moves the bass and the bait to the warming areas. If you’re fishing your favorite spot and the bank is in the shade you’re probably on the wrong side of the river. It is also a fact that the water is generally clearer in the winter. This gives you another natural key; deep water stumps absorb the light and warm up during the highest sun parts of the day. This allows the water temperature to increase around the deep stumps. The natural elements are many and these are just a few tips for winter fishing. Find the warming water and you will be a better winter fisherman.
Captain Mike

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