Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Winter time can be all about covering water

Sometimes the biggest lesson I have to reorient myself to do in the winter time is to cover a lot of water. When I transition to the fall and winter bite I find myself working areas slowly and precisely from past lessons of the hot summer days. When the winter bite comes I have to tell myself to get back on the trolling motor and cover water quickly in order to find the fish. Bass move a lot when the water gets cold, they are constantly moving in groups and unless you cover water you can spend all day without getting bit.  
To me, this means using baits that allow you to do this properly. Bait choices are key for coving water; don’t be stuck on covering only the bottom as many times the bass are suspending and your electronics need to be your key to determine the proper depth. Fishing horizontally is the key to finding the bass while covering water and baits like SPRO crank baits, Missile Bait Shock Wave swim baits or Punisher big willow leaf spinner baits are all great to fish horizontally and cover a lot of area quickly.  
All these can lead you to the bites at different depths; crank baits are all made for different depths and you can change how deep you want to fish by changing to crank baits with different bill lengths. The longer the bill the deeper the bait goes. Swim baits are the ideal count-down bait, with just a constant retrieve and some depth counting you and control the depth you are fishing very easily working from the near top of the water level to the deepest depths by controlling the drop distance. Lastly spinner baits also have the ability to cover different depths with a lot of flash; you can easily slow roll one on the bottom or increase your retrieve speed allowing a spinner bait to be moved through different depths of water, covering a lot of area.  
Cover water, fish different depths and use horizontal baits and you will be a better winter fisherman!

Captain Mike

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