Friday, June 23, 2017
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The first ever SPRO Crank Bait Toutnament

With 2015 upon us the New Year will bring some new ideas, new baits and the first ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament. Wow! How exciting is this?

Guntersville, being one of the best cranking lakes in the country and some of the best ledge fishing anywhere, will host a tournament using only SPRO crank baits.  
What makes it even more interesting is the timing of the tournament. It is being scheduled for May 30, 2015 and the date couldn’t be better. The reason is that at the end of May the variety of possibilities of different crank baits you can use will be at its peak. This means that you’re not limited to using only the deep-diving Little John 70 series but you could very well be on a cranking bite in 4 feet of water or 8 feet or even 14 feet or even working the traditional Aruka Shad over grass.
This opens the door for any depth of crank bait that SPRO makes that could bring in the winning stringer. The bass, by this time, are healed up from the spawn, doing a lot of chasing of bait and feeding at all depths. So, if you don’t like to deep-crank you have as good of chance to win using the Aruka Shad, Fat Papa’s, designed by local Elite fisherman Russ Lane, and have Guntersville friendly written all over them. Or you can opt for the Little John 60 series or the Fat John Square bill series. And, new for 2015 is the new Rock Crawler designed with a wide wobble to deflect off of rock-like hard cover.  
As always, in the case with SPRO, their tournament will be top-notch. It will offer great pay-backs with the entire $100 entry fee from each participant being paid back to the tournament participants. This ensures that you have a great chance of earning a check. Coupled with all the paid-in money being returned, the give-away items from SPRO will once again be, without question, a big part of your reward for fishing the tournament. SPRO, as always, will go into this tournament with an agenda to please you, the participant, so that your day on the water, fishing SPRO crank baits, will be a ton of fun!
Captain Mike

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