Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 05-03-17


Lately, I catch myself thinking about that silly song, “Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way!”

What a lesson in those words! It is so hard for many people to be humble for they see no need to be. But if you are a true Christian you must humble yourself before the Lord and put Him first in your life, not your wonderful self. Many have such a high opinion of themselves that there is no thought of being humble but to us there is no more beautiful soul than the humble one. We must put others first and ourselves last. What a lesson in this.

Nothing is more sad to us than the person who, cannot humble himself to be friends, or befriend, someone he thinks is below himself. He has the hard lesson to learn that many people are more fortunate than others thru no effort of their own.

We have friends in all walks of life and we love them equally. We love the broken, the ragged, the mentally challenged, the addict and all in between because God made them all and He knew what He was doing. Even the smallest of these has a purpose in life if nothing but to teach us to be humble and appreciate our good fortune.

Start looking at people and imagine what kind of childhood they had; if they had loving parents who bonded with them as a child or just furnished the necessities. We do not know the circumstances of another’s life so we should not judge but humble ourselves to show love where there might not have been any. We have the power to change lives when we learn to be humble, forget self and put others first. When you learn to do this what a powerful peace you will discover. Get to the point you could wear jeans to a formal party and not be embarrassed!

It is not easy. Self naturally wants to be first and that takes a lot of working on for some but how free we can be when we forget self and put others first. There are times we have the opportunity to spread a little sunshine, if for just a fleeting moment, if we will give of our time and resources. Our time is actually our biggest resource and the one thing we guard with jealousy. It takes time to be humble, time that many of us are not willing to give. We want that time to spend on ourselves but when you begin to give more and more of your time to the Lord he will see that time is not wasted. He will show you where you can spend your time and make you happy at the same time. How rewarding it is to spend time with the most humble of God’s children. What a blessing to see the light in a child’s eyes because you made it happen.

A good question to ask yourself is, “If not me, who?” And sometimes it is hard to think of anyone who would do what you just did and do it with love. But love is what motivates you to do something nice for some one else. Buy a dollar hole puncher and make bookmarks to enclose in your cards, or a dollar bill. Imagine the surprise and that moment of joy. Think of little blessings you can give in your cards. Cut out and save them in special envelope labeled “blessings,” then when you send a card reach in that envelope and send them one of your blessings; (a colorful emery board, an uplifting poem, a joke) you will get the hang of it once you get started.

God put us here to show joy to others and we need to remember that. Remember to send something uplifting, never anything solemn and sad.

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