Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 04-19-17

Spring Break

The scene of young people on the beach on Spring Break recently, made me sad. They have no idea where they are heading. They think it is cute when they use a funnel to flood their body with alcohol but they don’t know that in a few years it won’t be funny as they head to rehab or crave that stuff above everything else in life, when they are headed to jail for stealing to supply their habit or worse lying in a hospital bed barely escaping death from drinking more than their body could stand.

How are we going to convince young people that drugs and alcohol are not cool? How? I have seen young people die one after another in my long life because of abusing alcohol or drugs. It isn’t so funny when they destroy their family, cost them every dime they can get hold of to keep them out of prison, pay court costs make up bad checks they have written. I know parents who have spent thousands and thousands to keep them out of jail or prison.

They should never spend a dime defending their actions unless it is for rehab. They should go ahead and let them learn early in life what they are doing to themselves and everybody that loves them but parents are parents and they love their children no matter what and they will do anything they can to try to save them but if one of my children’s face showed up on that beach acting vulgar and funneling beer they would never get another dime from me next Spring Break.

Maybe I should take that back. We all hope they will come to their senses and quit but you seldom see this happen, at least until they are 35 or 40 years old when the dawn finally breaks and they decide they want a decent life and that they need God in their lives to help them quit and stay in recovery.

It just saddened me so to see all those young people getting so drunk and thinking it is funny and their friends laughing at them. If they could only be convinced that they are not funny but (excuse the word but it is the truth) stupid, totally stupid. The actions of the girls I saw have no respect for themselves and no one else respects them. It is a different age from the time we were growing up. For one thing we had to earn our own money and we would not have wasted one penny of that $3 a day. There were things we had to have.

It’s wonderful that parents have so much money today but they need to understand what they are doing by giving so much to their children. (Don’t do like I did, do like I say do.)

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