Sunday, June 25, 2017
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SBOE to search for new superintendent

Dr. Sandra Spivey, Scottsboro Board of Education Superintendent, has announced that she will be not be seeking renewal of her contract for the upcoming school year. School board members discussed attending an upcoming workshop to assist with the Superintendent search. Board President Hollie Thompson also discussed the option of using the board attorney to assist in the search. Thompson explained that this, along with using ASB, is an option. Board attorney, Taylor Brooks, explained if a Superintendent is not in place an interim would need to be appointed. He further explained that the job does not have to be advertised and the person appointed would have to have an administrative certificate. Brooks explained that the person who fills in as interim could be brought in to work with Spivey until she left, however, there can only be one superintendent. He also stated that the superintendent, if she chose to do so, could remain on contract to provide assistance on an as-needed basis.

Personnel items were discussed as well during the meeting. It was requested that item number nine on the agenda, a CNP manager position, that has become vacant due to a retirement, be removed from the list. All other items were approved. Dr. Spivey again recommended that the CNP manager position be approved. Spivey explained the manager position is required at each school, regardless of cut backs that may come in the future. She explained the manager position is not a position that can be cut. The board voted on and approved the item separately. Spivey explained to the board that she does know numbers for the upcoming year, but she would prefer to bring that during the next work session.

Board members also approved three additions to substitute teachers list; approved one volunteer coach; and the purchase of three buses from Southland International in the amount of $81,168 per bus for a total of $243,504.

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