Friday, May 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 04-12-17

“...Don’t feel sorry for yourself, really try to do things for others. Not only is it just the right thing to do, it’s what God wants you to do. Especially if they can’t do for themselves. If you went to look back and rate your life, rate it by how many total strangers you’ve gone beyond just being nice to. Try to ease a burden they were having to bear, even if it’s just for a few seconds. You know what the Big Man upstairs says, ‘Give till it hurts! (And then some). Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.”

Well, it’s no joke. When I started trying to live my life by that rule everything in my life got better. Try doing something for someone you don’t even know and tell no one about it, not even your own friends (if you tell them) you only tell them so they will think, “oh, what a good person you are.” That taints the whole gesture because it makes the gift all about you. Expect nothing in return. That is the only way to truly give. Only then will you feel the true joy of giving. The mistakes of the past (some of which have cost me a lot mentally, physically and spiritually) have shaped all of my tomorrows. I think that going through these hardships made me grow mentally and spiritually into a fairly wise, well-rounded, pretty good guy. Considering the past I consider life to be a wonderful blessing!”

No, I didn’t write this, but I could have. I have expressed my feelings about anonymous giving many times. I found the above on John Sumner’s FB page under “about” after he had left me.

I was pushing him down the hall at the hospital one day as the cancer grew worse and as we left his room he noticed a sign on the room next to him that was in red and said something to the effect of, “Isolation. No visitors.” He asked a nurse why she couldn’t have visitors and she said she was being treated with radiation and it was very harmful and you had to have special clothing to enter her room. He said, “She must get awfully lonely in there with no visitors.” When we got back to the room he asked for a pencil and paper. On it he wrote, “Hey, I’m your neighbor next door. I just wanted to tell you somebody loves you and hang in there.” And he sent it in with a nurse.

I asked the nurse if there was some special little gift he could send in to her and she said nothing could leave the room with her but she suggested lemon drops. So the next day lemon drop and another note it was.

I could get up in the morning and read this and think I wrote it myself. John was truly my soul mate. Our minds ran on the same track. We butted heads often and hard but when it got down to the spiritual we were the same.

Reading this gives me peace in these days of sorrow. I now he knew what our Savior wanted of us and in his last years he tried to live his life for the Lord. Over and over people have told me things he did for them if it was nothing but listen to their heartaches or give them a Bible, talk to them about the Lord.

I raised two wonderful children. Both were always generous and caring and we loved and respected each other. They learned the important things.

And now I’ll try to stop crying.

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