Friday, May 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 04-05-17

Are you a leader or a follower

We are all either a leader or a follower. A leader has an awesome responsibility. It may be in your hands to lead someone in the right direction or you may lead him into the pits of hell.

And you followers, chose your leader carefully. Chose the life you want first, then chose your leader. Think about someone in school you admire. Is it the one who excels in his studies, friendly to everybody, anxious to lend a helping hand if you need one. Or is he the good-looking one, the boisterous one, the daring one. Remember one thing, you know who you are. You have nothing to prove. Just be your own sweet self and the good ones will be attracted to you.

You can be a leader. Remember that. You be the leader.

What great things you can accomplish as a leader. If you see someone that feels he does not quite fit in, lend him some confidence by befriending him. He may be a future leader with only a little kindness and friendship.

The quiet ones have so much to offer. They are thinkers so do not under estimate them. Take time to get to know them. There is a good soul in there waiting to be discovered.

Do you think Bill Gates was the most popular boy in school? What about Edison? He was sent home with a note that he was too dumb to learn and Enstein was called retarded.

Quiet, different, don’t mix with others easily, often have a lot to offer. There is often an outstanding leader just under the surface. Some of my best friends have been those who marched to a different drummer.

One of your greatest leadership qualities can be love, love that reaches out to others no matter their personality.

Never discount the quiet ones, or you might turn that around and say never discount the thinkers.

Work on it starting today. You can be a leader and someone out there needs someone like you.

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