Friday, May 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 03-22-17

It is really beyond sad how much hatred there is in the world today.

I cannot think of anyone that I hate. It just isn’t in me to hate. If someone is ugly to me it isn’t hard at all to just walk away and check them off my list. I still don’t hate them I just don’t have time to spare them.

You cannot turn the TV on today without hearing one hateful thing or another. Sometimes it seems our politicians forget what they were sent to Washington to do and forget where their money is coming from. They should all be doing what they are getting paid to do–work for the good of this country; vote for the best thing for our country; forget taking sides unless it is something good for our country.

Instead, it seems so many of them have forgotten who sent them there in the first place and why they sent them there. When I vote I could care less about personalities. Many times if we did that there would be a lot of people staying home. We can disagree till the cows come home, we can argue and fuss for our side but we should be able, after everyone has had their say, to shake hands with a smile and say, “See you at church Sunday.” That’s the way Christians handle differences.

That’s the problem. We don’t have enough Christians in Washington today.

We don’t have a lot of people who respect each other or, in some cases, even themselves. Many times I wonder what kind of homes a lot of these haters come from. They aren’t just mad at each other they are just mad period. Such a waste. We are suppose to use our talents to help others and to make this world a better place yet we see so much talent wasted in Washington. I Have watched a Rhodes Scholar become a crook when he could have become a multi-millionaire the honest way, kept his self respect and that of his friends. Love and honesty are sometimes hard to come by.

Recently, I found a bouquet of beautiful camellias at my back door. They made my day as I had just gotten home after a tiring day and then I find this thoughtful gift from a precious friend and neighbor. It is wonderful to give and to receive but the greatest of these is to give. If we focus on love thy neighbor and remember to give there will be no room nor desire to hate.

We have 32 pretty little gifts made up. We didn’t spend a lot of money but there will be joy in 32 little hearts if for just a few moments because we do love our neighbor and love to make hearts gladden if just for a fleeting moment.

I leave you with something I read recently:

“Hate no one, no matter how much they have wronged you,

Live humbly no matter how wealthy you become

Think positively, no matter how hard life gets.

Give much even if you’ve been given little

Forgive all, especially yourself and

Never stop praying for the best for everyone.”

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