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Acquaintance rape and date rape drugs

Recently we had a client who believes she was drugged and then sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. This happens when someone secretly drops a drug(s) into your drink. After the drug dissolves, it is both colorless, odorless and usually tasteless. As you ingest the drink, the drug begins to take effect.

Typically the effects of the drug begins within 15-30 minutes of ingestion. You may experience drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, lack of coordination, slurred speech, loss of inhibition, impaired judgement and reduced levels of consciousness. You are incapacitated and physically helpless. You cannot escape, resist, or even call out for help. You are incapable of giving consent.

Sex without consent is rape!

Like our client, you may be unconscious during all or part of the act. You may experience amnesia (loss of memory) even when conscious. You might appear to “participate” at some stages. Afterwards you may not remember what happened, or who participated, and therefore may not be immediately able to report that you have been raped.

Drugs typically used for committing rape are:

Ecstasy (X, MDMA) which is a small colored pill with a variety of different graphic imprints. It is a stimulant that can cause teeth grinding, sweats, chills, dehydration, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. It is commonly found at parties known as “raves” that can last all night. Ecstasy can suppress the need to eat, drink, or sleep and can significantly reduce sexual inhibitions.

GHB (Liquid G, Scoop) has a salty or plastic taste. GHB is often disguised in margaritas and other fruity drinks. It can cause nausea, breathing problems, seizures, involuntary muscle jerking, sudden vomiting, loss of consciousness, coma and even death.

Ketamine (Special K, Vitamin K, KitKat) is closely related to PCP (angel dust) and can cause violent behaviors. Ketamine is legally used by veterinarians as a general anesthesia and for burn dressing changes. Ingestion can cause slurred speech, an unsteady gait, mechanical movements, monotone speech and increased blood pressure.

Rohypnol (Roofies, R2, Roaches) is illegal to manufacture or purchase in the U.S. Rohypnol is manufactured as caplets which are dull green with a blue core that, when dissolved in light-colored drinks, will dye the liquid blue. However, the dye may be disguised in blue or dark-colored liquids, and generic versions of the drug may not contain the blue dye.

Sexual predators who administer Rohypnol to their victims typically slip the drug into a drink, often at a bar or party. The blue color that results from mixing Rohypnol with a beverage often is masked by serving blue tropical drinks or by serving the drink in dark containers. The effects of the drug typically are felt within 15 to 20 minutes of ingestion and may persist for more than 12 hours.

You may have been drugged: 1) if you feel more intoxicated than with your usual response to the amount of alcohol you consumed; 2) you wake up feeling very “fuzzy”, experiencing a lapse of time; 3) you remember taking a drink, but cannot remember what happened after that; 4) you think someone had sex with you, but you remember little, if anything, about what happened.

You can reduce the risk of acquaintance rape by:

•Limiting the amount of alcohol you drink and not mixing drugs and alcohol

•Not drinking drinks you didn’t open yourself and not sharing drinks with anyone else

•Not drinking from a punch bowl or from a container being passed around

•Never leaving your drink unattended while talking, dancing, using the restroom or making a phone call

•Dumping out your drink if you have to leave it out of your control.

Finally- If you think you’ve been drugged and sexually assaulted . . . Call 9-1-1

IF you need help after an assault, call Crisis Services 256.574.5826 for information and support. We’re here to help!


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