Sunday, June 25, 2017
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City Council discusses updating ordinances

During the recent Scottsboro City Council work session, City Clerk Whitney Phillips spoke to council members regarding awarding a 95 gallon container bid. Phillips stated the Solid Waste Department is in need of the containers. She stated that Shafer Systems bid $51.50 per unit and Auto Environmental had no bid. Phillips recommended that the bid be awarded to Shafer Systems.

The North Alabama Electric Co-op Franchise Agreement was also discussed. City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated that over the past few years the city has been in the process of formalizing the relationship it has with the North Alabama Electric Co-op. Some of the places inside the city limits are served by North Alabama Electric Co-op and some by the Scottsboro Electric Power Board. The franchise agreement will charge the co-op the same percentage as the Scottsboro Electric Power Board is charged for doing business within the city, according to Kennamer. Kennamer stated the franchise fee should be changed from 3 % to 5 percent.

Goose Pond Island Timber Harvesting was also discussed by Mayor Robin Shelton. Shelton stated, last spring there was discussion about timbering 400 acres on Goose Pond Island. Lynn Washington, local State Forestry Agent was spoken to regarding putting together a plan of recommendation. Washington presented his recommendation. Shelton stated that he would like to put together contracts and place it out to bid, at the appropriate time. He further stated, “If we do move forward. We would reinvest the proceeds back into Goose Pond area.”

Municode Codification Services was also discussed. Phillips stated that following a webinar, Municode sent a proposal. They would review all ordinances, and bring it back to the City, turned into a code and placed on the city website. The cost of the service is $12,500 and would take 12-15 months. Following that it would cost $550 maintenance annually. Over 100 municipalities in the State have used this service. Phillips stated that the service would be beneficial to citizens. Municode would find any conflicting ordinances and bring to the attention of the council. Kennamer stated that in 1993 the city contracted with JSU to begin the process and there were over 7 different pay ordinances found. A lot of old ordinances conflict with one another. Council President Tony Wallingsford requested that City Finance Director Rick Wheeler determine if funding is available in the budget to pay for the service.


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