Monday, June 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 03-01-17

What a beautiful day the Lord has made!

What a beautiful day the Lord has made! This means it is going to be a good day altogether. Very little bad could go wrong with the sun lighting up our world shutting out all the darkness! We know He is near.

When darkness seems to surround us on a day like this we need to go outside and seriously look around. It’s hard to feel bad when we see the buttercups blooming all around and other shrubs and bushes budding, ready to decorate our world.

Sometimes our troubles are not as bad as they seem to us at the time.

When we think of all we have, compared to some trouble that’s bothering us, it makes our troubles really seem minute. I don’t think our lives will ever be trouble-free but we have to learn to handle our troubles on a one to ten scale. Many only rate a one so put it on hold till you are more equipped to handle it.

Take a different attitude toward life. Learn not to make a big deal out of something that is really only a little deal, so little that many times it is too little to give it significance. I think a lot of marriages begin to have troubles when one or both start blowing the little things up into big things when it could have been ignored altogether. When a hateful remark is hurled your way, pretend you didn’t hear it. It is not important to have the last word. It is important to have peace in our lives and we can only have peace if we work at it. Sometimes it takes intelligent, even-tempered people, people that don’t always have to be right, people that value peace over everything else, to have a peaceful life. It is a lesson I learned a long time ago.

Answer an inappropriate remark with silence. That makes you the winner.

We will always run into people who, through no fault of our own, who will want to put us “in our place.” We have done something, or said something, that got their attention. We have to learn that they have a problem, not us. So let their problem be their problem and ignore them if you can. If you just have to say something do so in a civil tone, never raising your voice, make it short, cut it off then walk away.

Peace be unto you and have a beautiful day.

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