Friday, June 23, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 02-22-17

If life gives you lemons

 Often we hear, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But I tell you if life gives you lemons, leave them where they fall, and get on with your life. You see, if you make lemonade you are still holding on to the lemons.

Get rid of them, forget they are there.

We all receive our share of lemons in this life and we can give them life or we can let them lay where they fall. It is a little presumptuous to tell you to ignore the bad things that come into your life but it is not the bad things that sometimes chase us, it is how we react to them. We can let them die or give them life. I’m sorry to say that many times we give them life by the way we react to them. We can hold on to it blowing it way out of proportion or we can choke it up and go on.

There is always a time in our lives that there are just too many lemons there in a huge pile, too many for lemonade, and we feel that pile of lemons is just more than we can ignore. A few times I have been presented a big pile of lemons and didn’t ignore, nor make lemonade, with them and I still regret it. We have to be aware that a pile of lemons may be thrown our way at any time and stay prepared to face them down, choke it up, and turn and go another way instead of staying and fighting. Don’t let pride get in the way. Let the person delivering the lemons decide what to do with them when you don’t touch them. Believe me, that is the best way.

Of course, the above is a demonstration of what we face sometimes that is sour as lemon juice. The best way to win when Satan and His minions come after us is to recognize who and what is attacking us and walk away.

The Devil, or His minions, do not know, nor cannot fight, silence. It is the best way. It is the Christian Way. It is the winning way.

There will always be someone waiting with their basket of lemons. All you have to do is refuse to accept them and be the victor.

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