Monday, June 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 02-15-17

Sit down right now. Now take time to be thankful. Sometimes we get so buried in the trials we are facing we forget to look at all the good things taking place in our lives in spite we allow it to be. So many things could make us bow our heads in defeat if we let it.

Do this. Start putting a face on the bad things that come along. Put a red face and horns on it and call it what it is! When you begin to recognize the bad things as a battle with Satan it can give you more energy to fight it. Now, picture a group of beautiful angels looking down on you, following your every move! They are there to protect you every minute so do not despair! God “has your back!” Always. Just keep that in mind as you dare Satan to take away your joy. He cannot do it unless you let him.

When troubles impede your thoughts and you feel lost you have a choice; you can bow down to them or you can stand up and get ready to fight. I let the former take over many times then I remember the latter and get my boxing gloves out, blow the dust off, put them on and get ready for battle.

I truly believe Satan cannot remain in the presence of The Holy Spirit. To get rid of him in a hurry start praying. Just start praying The Lord’s Prayer if words abandon you. Or just start repeating “Our Father Who Art In Heaven,” over and over. That will do it. Satan cannot take over your mind when you have called down the Holy Spirit. Try it. You can feel exhilarated in the middle of all the troubles Satan can dream up! You have to remember, “This, too, shall pass.” Give it time. Nothing lasts forever. Once you realize it is Satan determined to take your joy it will make you furious enough to fight back.

As you deal with your problem, try to remember that God’s Holy Spirit is ever with you and keep reminding yourself that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong. Satan loves to catch us in our weakest moments so we have to remember that the Holy Spirit never abandons us and allow Him room in our heart to do His Work. Try to dwell on the positive. It will help you to deal with the negative.

And one more thing. When the negative invades, get out of the house, fast! The worst thing you can do is sit home and mope.

Get in the car and put on some music! I would tell you to sing along but that doesn’t work for me. The best I can do in the best of times is a pitiful croak! If you can sing, then sing!! If you can’t sing then listen. No pitiful songs! Chuck Berry is what the situation calls for!!!

All kidding aside, music is good for the soul whatever the situation. Stay positive or fight till you get there!

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