Friday, June 23, 2017
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JCBOE talks of Paint Rock Valley School

During the recent Jackson County Board of Education meeting, several items were discussed. Superintendent Kevin Dukes spoke regarding the situation at Paint Rock Valley High School. Board member Chad Gorham, current board president, questioned the enrollment at the school. Kevin McBride, who had previously been filling in as principal at the school stated that enrollment was at 73. Dukes explained that he wanted to provide the school with stability, and he wished to hire a full time principal. Later in the meeting a motion to transfer McBride from Assistant Principal at Woodville to Principal at Paint Rock Valley was approved. Board member Charles West abstained from voting on the matter.

Dukes explained that he would like to devise a full body of work evaluation system on every principal each year. Gorham requested an explanation of the current principal evaluation system. Mr. Davis addressed this and explained it is presently LEAD Alabama, and is not an effective principal evaluation system.

Dukes also addressed an issue that recently arose at North Sand Mountain. It was explained that a juvenile was banned from North Sand Mountain, Flat Rock, and Bryant School campuses. The week after the incident, there was a deputy at the school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Dukes stated that he had talked to the principals about making sure all doors were locked. Several North Sand Mountain parents addressed the board with concerns for their child’s safety. Gorham addressed the parents and assured them that student safety is a priority for Jackson County and we will continue to make advances in school safety at each of the schools.

During the work session, board member Charles West stated that he had not received packets on applicants, which had not been recommended for hire, at least 48 hours in advance of board meeting. Dukes explained that he spenttwo hours on Sunday afternoon making copies of these applications for viewing and sent an e-mail to all board members explaining they could view these on Monday in his office. However, none were viewed by board members. Gorham stated that this was board policy and they will continue to be made available. Dukes agreed and stated that he would make every effort to provide the packets to the board.

West also stated that he had an issue with information that was sent to employees. According to West the e-mail should not be labeled minutes, as they are not minutes until approved by the board. West also requested that all the “No Votes” from the January 3, 2017 minutes be changed to abstained. The minutes will be changed. Board member Cecil Gant stated that he felt like as the presiding officer at the last meeting, he was to remain neutral. Gorham states that he will be changing the voting process to a roll call vote moving forward.

The Board approved the transfer policy being amended with the exemption of Paint Rock Valley Students from the three day transfer policy for the 2016-2017 school year.

The Board also approved the purchase of a sign for the Jackson County Board of Education at a cost of $7,500; an overnight field trip for North Jackson High School Cheerleaders; an overnight field trip for EPCOT students; an overnight field trip for Section High School FCCLA students; an overnight field trip for Section High School to attend the State Indoor Track meet; and overnight field trip for Pisgah Softball; and an overnight field trip for Rosalie Beta Club.

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