Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Sheriff's office releases annual stats

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips and Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen recently released the 2016 Yearly Stats for the Sheriff’s Department. According to the report, the patrol division traveled 675,635 miles and answered 7,479 calls throughout the year. A total of 3,445 arrests were made, of those 2,909 were on warrants, 378 were for misdemeanors and 158 were for felony offenses. Deputies served 4,567 papers and took 1,536 incident reports throughout the year.

The investigations unit reported travel of 92,356 miles and answered 65 calls. A total of 215 arrests were made, of those there were 296 felony charges, and 109 misdemeanor charges, 183 warrants were served and six drug arrests were made. Investigators served ten search warrants. They recovered property valued at $175,769.00 throughout the year.

The Jackson County Narcotics Unit reported 341 persons arrested, 126 felony charges, 228 misdemeanor charges and 148 other non drug arrests. Narcotics officers conducted 156 searches. 10,956 grams of marijuana, 1,449.5 grams of meth, 512 pounds of pills and four meth labs were seized by officers throughout the year.

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