Monday, June 26, 2017
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SPD releases crime stats for 2016

Scottsboro Police Chief Ralph Dawe has released the 2016 Annual Crime Report Comparison. According to the report, Scottsboro police responded to one murder in 2016, one arrest was made. The report also shows that in 2016 there were nine rapes reported, with one arrest; 11 robberies, with nine arrests; and seven aggravated assaults with seven arrests. Each of the reported crimes increased from 2015. During 2015, the department responded to no murders, one rape, five robberies and 12 reports of aggravated assault.

Dawe reported that during 2016, there were 100 burglaries, 175 felony thefts, four arsons, 25 motor vehicle thefts and 452 misdemeanor thefts reported in the city. As a result of those reports, there were 20 arrests made for burglary, 22 felony theft arrests, no arson arrests, six motor vehicle theft arrests and 216 misdemeanor theft arrests. The reported crimes, with the exception of misdemeanor thefts, were down from 2015. In 2015, there were 120 burglaries, 241 felony thefts, three arsons, 27 motor vehicles thefts and 368 misdemeanor thefts reported.

During 2016, Dawe also reported nine sex crime arrests, 824 failure to appear arrests, 12 arrests for identity theft, 18 immigration arrests, 11 misdemeanor assault arrests, 133 domestic violence arrests, 661 drug arrests, and 156 DUI arrests. There were a total of 3,209 criminal crime reports made and 1,946 arrests made.

Officers for the City of Scottsboro responded to 35,925 calls for services, 870 traffic accidents, with two fatalities and 151 injuries. Officers wrote 4,135 citations.

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