During the recent Scottsboro City Council Work Session, council members discussed a change order for the downtown square Phase II project.

According to council president, Tony Wallingsford, some unforeseen circumstances have came to light in the second phase of the project.  Wallingsford stated that if you look across the street, near the Legislative Delegation building, that when they went to put the sidewalk back, for ADA compliance,  the foundations of some of the buildings did not meet up.  At approximately halfway through the project, they are currently over budget of about $18,000. Mayor Robin Shelton stated that over on Laurel Street, two old coal shoots were found and some reinforcement of sidewalk had to be done. Foundations can’t be exposed and they don’t know the situation until the sidewalk is removed.  Wallingsford stated they expect an overage of $26,000 approximately.
Council member Keith Smith stated, “I had a discussion with someone who told me that in DeKalb county they did five or six projects that each came in under budget, but here they did the same amount all of which came in over budget.  The county line shouldn’t have that much bearing.  We bid it, yet they never do it for what they bid. Something is not right. I hope someone takes a look at this.”
Wallingsford stated, “I can see finding the shoots and things like that, not being able to be ADA compliant, it seems to me someone should have seen that during the engineering phase. It is what it is.”
Smith said, “Maybe Josh [Little] has an idea.” Little stated, “There’s no way of knowing that (the slope grade and where the foundation is at) until you rip the sidewalk out.” Smith stated, “For some reason or another, there’s always a reason at the end of the project for the charge to go up.” Little stated, “We could stop the work right now and be right under budget.”
Chief of Police Ralph Dawe discussed wrecker rates. Dawe explained that one of the wrecker owners came to the Mayor’s office and requested that rates be revisited. Dawe recommended that the State’s rates be followed. Shelton stated that he didn’t believe rates have been changed since 2013. Wallingsford stated that wasn’t true, rates were changed since he was on the council. However, City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated the resolution was adopted in 2013.
Parking on Broad Street between Willow Street and Laurel Street was also discussed. Shelton explained that options include leaving parking as is; angle parking; creating parallel parking; or creating it as one way off the square. However, the cost to create one way off the square is approximately $30,000. Merchants suggested creating it one way onto the square, however, Dawe explained that would affect first responder vehicles and could impact response times.

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