During the recent Scottsboro City Council meeting, council members approved several items.

Council members adopted the new code for the City of Scottsboro, effective July 1, 2018. This comes after a the city contracted with Unicode to “clean up” the city’s current code, including duplicate codes and outdated codes.
Council members also approved: A motion to surplus general and administrative property: A three way stop at South Street and Thomas Street; A resolution allowing Scottsboro to apply for the Main Street Program; The acceptance of Windsor Way and Laney Drive into the City’s maintenance inventory; A grandfathering clause was added to the existing code for the planning commission.
Council members approved  the phase two portion of the frontage road along Highway 72 in the amount of $769,760.85. The city’s portion of the Downtown Streetscape Phase Two in the amount of $56,087 was also approved.
An alcohol license application for Celisa Barclay, doing business as Saucy’s, located at 3311 South Broad Street  was approved.
George Lewis spoke to the council. Lewis gave his family information. Lewis stated that the last time he came to speak, he had asked for permission from the mayor and was told he could speak. Prior to the meeting, Lewis was told that he could give the audience at the meeting a card. He stated that he doesn’t ask people to vote for him.
Council president Tony Wallingsford stated “You weren’t told you couldn’t speak. You were told if you were going to make a political speech to refrain from that.”
Lewis continued, “I meet nice people every day. I’ve been in nearly all the city halls. I would like for the city to consider this, they’ve all been nice to me. These political candidates, it would benefit the City of Scottsboro, because if these people get elected, they’ll remember you and they’ll be there to help you.”
Council member Keith Smith stated, “On April 5 at around 10:45 p.m., my wife and I received a phone call that changed our family’s life forever. We stood out front of a burning apartment building for over an hour knowing that our son, his mother and his girlfriend were inside, and nothing could be done to get them out in time. The firemen were able to finally retrieve them from the building at  great peril to themselves. We will never forget that time standing there and the thoughts that were going through our minds.

Even though our family members were unable to survive, others did survive, and we are grateful for that. Myself and my wife Cynthia, as well as our extended family, Karla, Liberty, Jamie, Vanessa, Sherrie, Mitch, Adam, Melissa, Jeff, Shawn and the grandchildren, would like to thank the fire department, police department and ambulance service for their efforts that night. They provided services for hours, and worked tirelessly. They treated us all with such dignity and respect during the past several days and we truly appreciate them.
We recognize that this was a tragic loss for them as well. Our prayers go out to them that they too will find peace. The neighbors that stood with the other families from the apartment building and us are to be commended as well. They too were affected by this tragedy.
We were overwhelmed with visits, calls, texts, cards and food that was provided for our family during this time. Anyone who complains about services our city provides should have seen our rescue departments in action that night. You would see what a special place we call home.”

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