During the recent Scottsboro City Council Work session council members  discussed an application for a Tourism Grant Sponsorship from the  Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

The $5,000 request was to sponsor the Heartland’s Anglers’ Bass Championship.
Council President Wallingsford stated that he extended a welcome to the Angler’s Choice Tournament recently. A total of 574 anglers were in the area. He stated that most that he spoke to were from the upper Midwest, had been here for up to a week. Wallingsford stated that one of those fishermen was retiring here and had purchased a house.
Mayor Robin Shelton stated that  Meg had reached out to them and did an analysis. “It was a huge economic impact for our area”, he stated. City Council member Keith Smith stated, “I agree. There’s really no way to judge how much money it brings in. Anytime we can bring people into town, we can’t go wrong, we need to be a part of helping.”
City Clerk Whitney Phillips spoke regarding an ordinance to adopt the official code of the City of Scottsboro. Phillips stated, “The process began during 2017. Municode went through ordinances and recognized those that were unconstitutional or were in conflict with one another. The ordinances will be available on the website once it’s adopted.”
City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated, “Whitney has worked exceptionally hard. It involved going through every ordinance the city has ever passed. Many of them were old and obsolete. Lots of them are covered by state statute. This simplifies things and makes things constitutional. It also makes the whole code available to the citizens.”
Smith stated, “She said that most everything is covered by state law. What about those that are not covered by state law?”  
Kennamer responded,  “Those ordinances not covered by state law will remain in place. You’re not adopting anything that wasn’t already there but are getting rid of things that were unconstitutional.
Mowers for the cemetery department were discussed. The Cemetery Department is requesting to trade in three mowers in order to purchase a zero turn mower.  
Attorney Ken Looney spoke on behalf of Patrick Lumber and Patrick Investment Company, relating to Stone Bridge Subdivision. Looney explained that Patrick Lumber and Patrick Investment created these subdivisions and the plat in 1984, covering Byron Road to Jeremy Street. In 1989, Cimarron was added. In 1993, the portion from Jeremy to Byron Road makes a 90 degree turn was added. Looney stated that back in 1989, during the prep work, work was also done on Kingwood and Larry Drive. Water and Sewer was installed in those areas. Subsequent subdivision regulations were passed. However, because of the work that was done, prior to those regulations, the areas including Kingwood and Larry Lane should be developed under the same guidelines that Cimarron and Byron Road were developed with. Looney explained the problem created is that the homes in the area are classified as middle class homes. The extra expense of curbs and gutters in these subdivisions does not increase their value. Looney explained that if the developer passed the expense on they would be unable to sell because of the pricing. Patrick Lumber and Patrick Investment are asking that  a grandfather clause be included to allow these subdivisions to be developed under the earlier guidelines. The issues will be further discussed at the next meeting.

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