The Scottsboro Board of Education voted last week to approve the proposed consolidation plan.

Over several months, Superintendent Jose Reyes discussed the possibility of school consolidation due to a decreased number of students. Currently Brownwood Elementary holds approximately 284 students; Caldwell, who once held 602 students, now holds 391; Nelson holds 263; Collins holds 342; and the Junior High, that once held 597, now holds 409. According to the trend in number Scottsboro Board of Education is losing approximately 20 students per year.
The consolidation plan will allow for PreK and Kindergarten to be housed at Nelson; First - third grades to be housed at Caldwell; Fourth -sixth grades to be housed at Collins; there will be no changes to the Junior High or High School.  
Reyes previously stated that the system would save between $75,000 and $80,000 per year just on electricity.
Reyes stated, “During this process we have, as a Central Office, held numerous meetings in anticipation of potential reconfiguration. These meetings have centered around  instructional alignment, transportation, health and special services, child nutrition, and other aspects of the daily operations of schools. Thus, we all along have been making plans for what might come. At this point, we will move towards sharing with those faculties at schools affected by the framework for transition in relation to what will happen over the next five months. While this process has been emotional for our schools and community, I am very hopeful that everyone will pull together and support our students at an even greater level than already is present. As we move through the framework of transition, we will share information that will be needful for our parents during this process. There will be additional community meetings and media releases to make sure that everyone understands where we are as we approach August in terms of areas such as start times and bus routes. We have a lot of work ahead but we believe that we are ready for the challenge and we look forward to all becoming one Wildcat Family.”  
During the meeting, the board also approved a leave of absence for Sherry Majors; Gary Jordan and Donna West. The resignations of Julie Dolberry and Donna West were approved. The retirement of Debra Wilhelm was approved. The board voted to employ Katie Ingram and Sabra Wilkes. 

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