During the recent Scottsboro City Council Work session, the possibility of a retirement incentive was discussed further.

Previously, Council member Keith Smith spoke regarding the employee retirement incentive. Smith stated, “We looked at doing $500 per year for every year, as long as you’re vested and we talked at one point at stopping at 25 years. As most people in private business who do such a thing they’re doing that normally to reduce their workforce, this city has never done it that way. When we do this, we replace them with new hires and keep the same number of people. One of the concerns is that if you do this every two years, then there is no incentive. I am not saying we need to go with or against the two year plan, but we need to talk about it more. There’s a lot of people over the last 20 years who didn’t get what we are offering. If you want to get this thing, when it’s offered, take it, but you’re not assured of when it will happen again. I think we came to the conclusion of $500 per year, for however many years you have with the City.”  
Wallingsford responded, “If you’re going to make it a reoccurring thing, I think you may as well call it a raise instead of an incentive. I do like removing the cap. Have we considered at giving a window, if you’re not eligible now, but are within the next twelve months, making this available?” Mayor Robin Shelton responded, “What we talked about was the possibility of  offering it and calling it a  service reward for years of service. You’d have to sign up within 30-60 days and state the date you’d like to retire in the year 2018.” Wallingsford replied, “ I think the employees deserve to have an answer sooner rather than later. I know we have a draft of a resolution. I’d ask that we sit down and finalize that and place it on the agenda for next week.”
During the recent work session, Wallingsford stated he felt there was miscommunication originally on what the City was looking at. Originally, the incentive was to be for  employees who were eligible to retire in 2018. However, it was suggested that the council consider this option every two years. “I believe we have some of the best municipal employees in the country. I think we should offer an incentive for employees to stay. I do want to be sure peoples’ dedication and service is rewarded. I’m hesitant to commit a future council. What I pulled numbers on is actually extending the window to run through the end of the fiscal year of 2019. That pulls an additional 12 people into this round who would become eligible. I think it’s something that we are in a financial situation to be able to consider rat this time,” stated Wallingsford.
Smith stated, “ The only issue I had was the two years. Somewhere along the way, our sales tax may go backward because of internet sells.”
Wallingsford responded,  “The conversation was to consider it every other year, I don’t think that’s a bad idea. I am hesitant to commit a future council to the practice.”
Mayor Robin Shelton responded, “I respect the council’s wishes. I think if we extend to the fiscal year 2019, and I’m the guy who can retire in 2020, I’m mad. I think we should just include this fiscal year.”
Wallingsford replied, “This council is responsible for the next fiscal year. I feel like that is within our authority.”
Smith stated, “If you do it within two years, and if you’re trying to give an incentive to retire, why would you retire? Because then you get to that two years and decide you’re going to keep going two more years. I think this turned out to be more than what it started to be.”
Shelton stated, “There are 31 in the City eligible for 2018 . If we include 2019, there will be 43 eligible.”
Wallingsford “I think the people on this list deserve that we zoom in and nail down what we are and aren’t going to do and take a vote.”
The Rec-Com Software Program was discussed further as well. IT Director Clint Sebring previously explained that he had  found an option that would only cost $9,200 this year and $7,700 a year for each preceding year. Sebring explained that there are point of sale applications, reservation applications and membership application software included. Sebring explained that the last upgrade on software at the Rec- Com was in 2002, putting the facility 16 years behind. The matter will be discussed at a later work session.  Over a five year period, the software is expected to cost approximately $40,000 according to City Council Chairman Tony Wallingsford.  Wallingsford explained that this would improve efficiency and make it more accessible to the public.
A Zoning Board vacancy was announced, for a three year term. Anyone interested should apply by March 9.  


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