Scottsboro City Council voted to designate Cecil Street as a designated truck route at the meeting held August 26, 2109.

City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated this step is considered to be the first phase in the process, with the second phase, which he recommends, being an ordinance prohibiting 18-wheelers in certain residential neighborhoods unless they have a special permit from the Chief of Police. The permits would be issued for situations like moving trucks, moving vans, etc. The penalty for violation of this ordinance would be a fine of up to $500.
The lease agreement for a maintenance hangar at Scottsboro Airport allowing Martin Aviation to have a designated, official hangar for maintenance was approved, as was the budget amendment for the airport grant city match. The federal share being $395,806, the state share at $21,989, and after partnering with the Economic Development Authority (EDA), the city’s share will be $34,456. The funds of which will come out of sales tax.
The plan due on August 31st for any participating towns or cities that wish to receive funds from the gasoline tax was passed. Kennamer stated the plan for Scottsboro is to set up a separate checking account for the anticipated $115,000 to use for roadway improvements, repairs, resurfacing and restructure; or for the maintenance of Snodgrass and Gant Road; and/or to match any federal monies. The funds are anticipated to start this month.
Concerning the replacement of the split rail fence at King Caldwell Park, Council voted to table the issue until further notice. Council members wish to inspect the fence themselves and decide whether the fence can be repaired in places or if the entire fence should be completely replaced. The cost, an estimated $9,102 for the replacement, the cedar wood coming from Green’s Building Supply, will also be discussed for budgeting.
Mr. Tanner Harbin, the Chairman of the Commercial Development Authority (CDA) requested to obtain the property located on the far corner of Appletree and South Houston streets for the CDA. This was passed, thereby authorizing the transfer of the property into the ownership of the CDA.
The city’s share for the engineering for the Highway 72 and County Park Road project match will come to $11,660 with federal coming in at $104,940. For the construction, the city’s share will be $93,992.01 with federal coming in at $845,928.13.
The ice machine at the Civic Center will be replaced at a cost of $2,500 to the city’s sales tax. The cost of a new ice machine is $4,026 with installation being no more than $1,000. With $2,500 still in the budget and available, the city approved this budget amendment to cover the difference. Another budget amendment of $5,200 was approved for the engineering costs for the building renovation at Solid Waste. These funds will come out sales tax, and this renovation will give another 1,400 square feet of space in the bailer room, while providing extra storage on the lower floor for recycling and for trucks. Budget amendments to cover equipment for landfill purchases was also approved. Because the items will be financed, the payments will be coming from the sanitation equipment fund for three rolloffs and one rear-loader. Another budget amendment was approved to cover two invoices from Milam Logging, in payment for logging and maintenance services on Goose Pond Island, in the amount of $37,057.50 that will also be coming out of sales tax.
Council also passed a public hearing granting Ralph Roberts, doing business as Triple R BBQ located at 2940 Veterans Drive a license to serve retail beer and wine off-premise. Susan Webb, doing business as Jackson Events, LLC. , also applied for a special events retail seven days or less license, for the annual BBQ cook-off this fall. Council moved this to the September 9th meeting. 

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