Dr. J. Reyes, Scottsboro City School Superintendent, spoke at the last Scottsboro City Council Meeting held on Monday, August 5, 2019.

Dr. Reyes updated the council on fundraising and the budget concerning the Security Resource Officer (SRO) Program in place at Scottsboro High and Junior High. The part-time SROs must be retired law enforcement officers in good standing and still required to undergo training, such as firearm classes, on a regular basis. With new legislation, Reyes was able to install two SROs with help from the budget passed annually by City Council, the city’s taxpayers and donations. Through the partnership with Scottsboro City Schools, Scottsboro Police Department and Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas (WSG), customers are able to donate to the SRO program by paying an additional fee added onto their monthly WSG bills.
Dr. Reyes stated, “I’m here to stand up for the children of Scottsboro City, and I make no apologies for that. What I would ask is that everyone in this community give as little as $3 a month. That’s $36 a year to go towards additional officers. I think what’s going to happen is when people see we’ve come through with what we’ve said we were going to do, you’re going to see more people get involved.”
From businesses and individuals, the program is receiving approximately $1,100 per month through pledges. Another step was to raise the tuition to attend a Scottsboro City School for students who reside outside the school district. The school tuition has not been raised since the mid-90’s. Reyes also reported enough funds are available to fund a third SRO already for this school year, and this item, the matter of the third SRO, was moved to next week’s agenda.
With support from City Attorney Stephen Kennamer, a revision to the City of Scottsboro Handbook was presented. In the past, disciplinary procedures were handled by a personnel board. This revision would do away with the personnel board and would, instead, install a hearing officer, who would be an attorney from out of the county. The council will be presented with an item entailing whether or not to pay the hearing officer via flat fee per disciplinary hearing. This item was moved to next week’s agenda, where if approved, will then undergo a nomination process.
The paving project in front of WalMart has gone over budget by an estimated $25,292, and City Engineer, Josh Little presented a request for the stated monies to equalize the budget. Little stated the project is awaiting the back-ordered poles that should be in the first week of October. They’re also awaiting the signal box/control box to finish the turning lane. Afterward, Scottsboro Power will be able to remove the pole in the middle of the lane and hook up all the components for a working signal. Little said he is optimistic the entire project should reach completion by the end of October. The council moved this item to next week’s agenda.
City Judge Daryl Eustace was present to explain the job description for an Adjudicated Case Manager. The position must be filled by a certified, qualified magistrate to cover the gaps in cases. When a person’s case is adjudicated, it means they have pleaded guilty to a violation of crime or ordinance, and judgment is handed down, such as probation. This case manager would oversee the conditions of the judgment/probation/terms are enforced, followed and completed. This process would lessen the workload placed on clerks and magistrates and help ensure efficiency in enforcement.
The $5,200 contract for the structural engineer designing the suspended flooring in the upper floor bailer room and a concrete pad for a lean-to addition on the lower level for Solid Waste was presented to Council. The addition will give the room approximately 1,400 more square footage of usable space for storage. If approved, the funds will come from sales tax. Appropriation of street funding and funding for paving at Goose Pond was discussed. Council President Patrick Stewart stated, “The capital and accruements would be, and we have appropriated that, $554,867.01.” Daniel Wells of CDG Engineering presented a proposed landfill contract to the council and answered questions concerning the costs surrounding the testing and preparation for a new cell and construction. Wells stated for the total $3,000,000, the city is still under budget and on time.
The paving for Goose Pond will come out of the tourism grant fund in the amount of $40,000. An alcohol license for retail beer and wine off-premise for Nisha Shah doing business at Sunrise Food Mart #1 located at 24680 John T. Reid Parkway and Sunrise Food Mart #2 located at 22885 John T. Reid Parkway was reviewed. Both premises have complied and passed all inspections. The council moved these items to next week.

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