At the Jackson County Commission meeting that took place on July 1st, County Engineer Jonathan Campbell presented the tabulation for bids received regarding the construction for Matheny’s Bridge on County Road 43.

Campbell acknowledged the full decision rested with the commission and presented correspondence between Public Works and ALDOT, working out a recommendation for whom the bid should be awarded. The county would be responsible for traffic control since the detour around the construction is extensive, and the roadway will be closed in its entirety during the repairs and reconstruction for two to three weeks. The closure will be advertised with ample time for preparation. This bid review was moved to next week’s agenda.  Campbell also discussed County Road 93 and stressed the importance of completing the work as safely and thoroughly as possible in order for the damaged road to be safe enough for normal traffic without worrying about any liability issues.  Campbell stated much of the roads and damage must be left as-is until FEMA officials can inspect the conditions to allow all damages and reports to be documented.
County Administrator Bob Manning presented a printout detailing allocations for the Rebuild Alabama Act and explained how Jackson County will be taking a loss. Manning stated, “It shows that Jackson County gains $988, 991, upon full implementation. The first that full implementation will be is when the full 10% is on, or 10 cents. The first year alone, it’ll be six cents on. Year one we’ll get $443,395. Second year, will be $641,193. And then the third year will be the full implementation.” The Act states that counties will receive $400,000 in lieu of annual federal funding. Manning continued, “Our annual federal funding right now is $550,000, so we’re losing $150,000 on that one line item right there.” When you subtract this balance from the overall gain, it leaves $838, 991 going to the county in state funding from the Rebuild Alabama Act. Along with allocations of funds, what the funds can and cannot be used for were outlined. A full breakdown of these estimates can be viewed at ALABAMACOUNTIES.ORG/REBUILDAL.

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