The Scottsboro City Council voted to approve the motion to delete previous bids for the new mower for the street department in order to allow everyone to have a fair try to bid as one bid was late previously.

Council President Patrick Stewart explained the notice was late to one possible bid, thereby disqualifying them via deadline. Stewart felt the best course of action would be to delete current bids and reset the deadline. Council voted to allow the bids to be rejected and a new deadline was set in order to be fair.
A bid from Harbin Chevrolet for the purchase of a new pickup truck for the Solid Waste Department was approved. Harbin Chevrolet won the bid over Harbin Ford in favor for a better rate. The cost for the truck was $39,000.
The Council also approved the $14,555.19 purchase of a new side-by-side for the landfill, that falls under the $15,000 limit. The new side-by-side will allow easier transport over the garbage to reach necessary areas.
The CDBG Citizen Partner Plan Resolution was approved and passed. This resolution adopts the 2019 Citizens Participation Plan, going along with the CDBG demolition grant, that has been applied for by the city. This grant would fund the demolition of old, decrepit structures and the clean-up of properties around town.
The renewal agreement with AVENU was passed, as well. AVENU provides tax collection services to the city, such as lodging taxes and sales taxes. This agreement renews Scottsboro’s contract.
An additional employee for the recycling program was approved and passed. The position will pay $11,964 for one person, will take effect when the program is reinstated and will help the city with the increased workload of the newly acquired cardboard recycling commercial counts. The recycling program maintains a June 1 goal.
The proposal presented at last week’s meeting by Billy Rye of Forestry Management Specialists, Inc. out of Florence, Ala., to maintain two tracts of forested land at Goosepond was not seconded, and the motion died.
Three public hearings were held and passed for alcohol licenses. John Clements of Lakeshore Watercraft Rental and Store, LLC. and Michael Gilliam of Gilliam Event Beverage Sales, LLC., were granted licenses to sell alcohol. George Kontoulakos of the Royal Rose Diner was granted the same license pending fire and building inspections.
The council was also excited to learn the expansion for the airport has been approved by legislation, and they commend all the hard work.

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