The commission met on Monday, May 13, 2019 to vote on several items on the agenda.

The first item was the motion to approve the proposed changes to voting precincts. Mr. Johnny McCallister, who votes at Christian Home, was present to voice his opposition to the item. “We have a lot of elderly who are not able to travel to Flat Rock. There are about 80-100 voters who won’t be voting if this goes through. There’s a lot of people in my community that it’s a struggle just to get to where they’re voting now.”
EMA director, Felix Jackson, explained the reasoning behind the transferring of the Christian Home polls on the list. “I’m responsible for all 40 precincts, myself and one more person. When I proposed to a church member out there (Christian Home) about having a key, he wanted me to sign paperwork saying that I’m responsible for the stuff at the church. I’m a county official. I shouldn’t have to sign something stating that I’m responsible because anything could happen after I leave, or before I show up. I drive anywhere from 200-250 miles delivering machines or picking up machines. Flat Rock allows me to keep the machinery there.”
Commission Chairman Guffey explained any poll with less than 100 voters was looked at for possible transfer. “This has never been to hurt anybody or take away anybody’s rights. It’s saving about $20,000 per county. We have contacted our legislative offices. They are aware of our current financial situation. They are working on it.”
The commissioners voted unanimously to move the precincts as follows: Putman Mountain to Princeton Fire Hall; Hollytree to Princeton Fire Hall; Bishop to Estillfork Fire Hall; Garth to Trenton Fire Hall; Aspel to Limrock Fire Hall; Christian Home to Flat Rock Community Center; Holly Springs to Pleasant Grove Community Center.
Caleb Skipper was voted to be re-appointed to the Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare Board. Guffey stated there is still a vacancy on the board as Skipper’s re-appointment and the vacancy are not related. The vacant temporary position in the Jackson County Maintenance Department was approved to be filled by Kevin Carter, based on the hiring committee’s recommendation.
A new herbicide truck for the Highway Department purchased by pre-appropriated funds out of Fund 100 was approved. The new truck will cut down on the cost of using mowers. Commissioner Mike Sisk stressed the importance of letting citizens know the money was already sitting in Fund 100 for the truck and could not be used to keep a polling station open.
The geotesting recommended for County Road 17 was approved. This will allow the geotech firm to test the ground underneath and around the damaged road to ascertain whether it’s a slide or a sink and the best course of action for the county to take in order to repair the road as safely and expediently as possible.
Jackson County Deputy Rocky Harnen was present to compliment the efforts of the clean-up crews and contractors responsible for the repairs of the railroad tracks from the recent derailment in Woodville. Harnen was on-site to witness the teamwork and precision with which they operated and credits their efforts in re-opening the Norfolk Southern line within a day.
The commissioners expressed their gratitude for the donation of the swings by Mr. J.B. McIntire. The swings are on the courthouse grounds and are accessible to the public.

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