Billy Rye, a forest management specialist in a consulting firm in Florence, spoke with the Scottsboro Council recently.

Rye specializing in marketing timber for landowners. Rye has been employed in North Alabama for the past thirty years, and Monday night he presented three techniques for two stands at Goose Pond Island.
“I’m going to get into what we’ve looked at. On one is management of pine resources. On the other is management of hardwood resources. For those of you who are familiar with the pine on Goose Pond, it’s probably late 20s, early 30s in age.” Rye continued, “As far as the objectives I was given when I talked to your people with the city, I got a myriad of objectives. The first one is to improve the health of the forest stand. Another one is to improve the economic return of investment, and while this is not a primary objective, it was one that most of the members of the city wanted to, at least, improve while we’re there managing it and the wildlife.
We basically have three options. If a property is going to be developed, it is ideal to actually have the streets, cul de sacs, the footprints for the buildings and parking lots already laid out. Then we would do a clear-cut in those areas and a select harvest in the other.”
Rye then explained the second option, which was quail management. “What we do with quail management is understanding what quail need and how, if you were ever going to do a hunting lease on the property, how to create revenue opportunities for landowners. There’s a lot more involved than just thinning it and walking away. There’s actually a chemical we use that is almost the perfect chemical for wildlife because it takes out a lot of the species that don’t benefit a deer or a quail or turkey, but it creates an environment that is very good for weeds and legumes and foraging game species. You would conduct a chemical application, and then you’d prescribe burn every two years. You’d burn half the property one year, half the property the next. The reason I recommend this quail management technique is it gets almost all of our objectives, and it’s the only technique that does that.”
Rye then presented the third option, which was traditional forest management, which would entail thinning the stand now and evaluating it again in another eight to ten years, at which time the decision to conduct a final harvest or an additional thinning would be made.
Councilman Mashburn then requested an option for citizens to be able to ride out to a functioning quail management stand to see the result of the quail management technique. Council President, Patrick Stewart placed tentatively the item on this week’s agenda.
Another item discussed was a tourism grant inclusive with a concert being hosted by Porch Puppy Entertainment at the veterans’ fairgrounds that would allow a permanent stage to be established. Charles Marsh explained that with the upcoming concert taking place on Saturday, July 20th, a stage has to be driven up from Birmingham, which will cost $14,000. A permanent stage would mean all that would need to be set up is audio, and more events would be able to be hosted at the fairgrounds, thereby allowing more funding to come into the city. The stage would be located in the corner next to the fence of the junior high, and would be well out of the way of the fair equipment. This item was moved to this week’s agenda.
The council discussed a renewal agreement with AVENU/RDS, which entailed the renewal of agreement that has expired. Council confirmed everything is the same, and no changes have been made. This item was moved to this week’s agenda.
The resolution for the CDBG Citizen Participation Resolution to update the citizen participation plan was discussed, and council confirmed it just goes along with applying for the demolition grant through the CDBG program. This item was moved to this week’s agenda.
Two bids were received for a new pickup truck for the Solid Waste Department. Harbin Chevrolet bid $39,000, and Harbin Ford bid the same. This item was moved to this week’s agenda.
Mr. Ledwell, with the Solid Waste Department requested a replacement for the current side-by-side that’s at the landfill now as it is in need of repairs that would cost $4,000 plus. Mayor Robin Shelton stated that they use the side-by-side to go over the landfill in various areas, not just around the tracks. The total price is $14,555.19, and this item was moved to this week’s agenda.
Mayor Robin Shelton stated that things are looking better and wrapping up for the recycling program. Mayor Shelton also informed the council he would like to add another employee who would be dedicated to the program. The cost to add this new employee would total $11,964, and he stressed the importance of more help since the city has picked up all the recycling cardboard commercial counts, which has significantly increased their workload. He continued that the city has been utilizing inmates when available, but feels a new employee would best benefit the program. The recycling program currently has a goal of June 1. This item was moved to this week’s agenda.
The council discussed the need for surplus equipment for the Street Department. Mayor Shelton stated he would like to attend an upcoming state sale to bid on equipment, Thursday and is in need of the three required signatures. Mayor Shelton requested $50,000 from the surplus account to purchase the new equipment, like a new tandem and possibly another pickup. Councilman Mashburn requested that at least $12,000 be left in the surplus account. Mayor Shelton agreed. This item was moved to this week’s agenda.
The second storm shelter expected to be built beside the Boys and Girls Club was discussed. The cost of production awaits formal approval, and August 1 is the hopeful deadline. Around $48,000 - $50,000 will need to be allocated for the whole project, which will also include installation costs. This item was placed on this week’s agenda.
Three public hearings to approve an alcohol license were heard and moved to this week’s agenda. The Royal Rose, Lakeshore Watercraft Rental and Store and Event Beverage Sales all requested permits to sell alcohol at their establishments and/or event.

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