During the County Commission meeting Monday night all of the Commissioners were present. The discussion began with Paint Rock Valley School building and people who would like to be on the board to oversee it.

There was a list of names from the Paint Rock Valley area that would like to be on the board.
Commissioner Mike Sisk stated that he has received a number of phone calls from the people in the area. He said they are requesting to be the ones to decide who is on the board. Sisk advised that Mrs. Prince has arranged to bring the community together at a church to decide on who will be on the board. Sisk advised her that he would bring her request before the rest of the commission and try to move forward with it.
The commissioners had previously agreed on getting a list of people that are interested in being on the board and choosing the ones they see fit. Chairman Tim Guffey stated that he told Mrs. Prince that the commissioners would be approving the board members. Guffey is willing to accept a list from the community to whom they want appointed. The commissioners agreed on five members to be on this board. Commissioners Venable, Gilbert and Rich agree that the original plan for them to appoint the members should be carried out. Nominations will be made next week.
The DHR lease agreement was brought up again. The current lease will end soon. DHR is requesting a long-term agreement. Sisk stated that the contract they currently have is not being fulfilled. Venable is up for moving forward with the current amount. He states that there needs to be an inspection done before there is a maintenance agreement done. County attorney John Porter says DHR is responsible for the roof; keeping it in good shape along with the electricity, plumbing, the HVAC system and other things like simply changing out filters. “They are supposed to maintain it,” stated Porter.
Revenue Commissioner Jeff Arnold is requesting a three-month employee contract for mapping and appraisal. He stated that they have lost their chief mapper. It takes a few years to train a mapper completely. Greg Tyler, former chief mapper, has agreed to come in on weekends to train the new hire. Arnold wants to pay Tyler $750 a month to continue some of the tasks of a mapper and training the new one. The commissioners will move forward to approve an in house transfer of an employee to the Mapper position.
Jason Venable shared in the meeting his concern with the $500-$700 thousand budget deficit on the upcoming 2020 budget cycle.
Gilbert asked if the insurance of the retirees will go up every year. Venable stated that it will go up he doesn’t know of a year it hasn’t since he’s been there. The current number for the cost of that retiree health insurance is $355,000 a year. Employee insurance is paid 100%.
“Do we want to make the employees pay a percentage of their healthcare insurance?’’ Venable asked. He said this is not what he wants to do, but there is a budget that has to be balanced. Venable wants ideas from other commissioners to explore in order to be able to balance the budget. 

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