A proposal was presented by engineer Josh Little to the City Council Monday night during work session.

Volkert Engineering is wanting to conduct a traffic study. It would start at Redstone Credit Union and end at Highway 35. Little stated that it would be similar to the one done recently at the County Park and 72 intersection. Last month a speed study was done by ALDOT in that area to see if the city could lower the speed limit to 55 mph. After the study, the State recommended to keep the speed as is.
Councilman Greg Mashburn requested an email be sent to the ALDOT asking for them to look at looking a red light at Byron Road and Hwy. 72 intersection. Little verified that he would send an email the following day to the State.
Councilman Patrick Stewart stated that he wanted to set up a road committee consisting of Greg Mashburn, Richard Bailey, the Mayor and Josh Little to look at some of the city roads that suffered flood damage and see which roads need fixed. He asked them to come up with 10-15 roads, meet between now and May 6 come back with a list and cost of each road. The City Council is supposed to meet with the County Commission on May 8 to discuss teaming up together and paving Gant Road.
The Bond issue that has been brought up a few times already was brought up again. The amount is $4.5 million with the same payments that are in the budget now. The original Landfill Bond issue will pay off this year, and this current bond issue will pay off in 16 years. Of the $4.5 million, $3 million will go to the landfill expansion, $517,00 to go towards the Parks Avenue bridge, $500,000 to the Heritage Center expansion and $275,000 for the purchase of the landfill truck. That is a little less than $4.5 million, the rest will go in the general fund in case something else comes up that needs funds. Mashburn asked how much interest over the 16 years the City would pay on the $500,000 that would go towards the Heritage Center. The amount will be about $250,000.
During a meeting held after the works session, the council voted to approve the bond issue. Mashburn mentioned that he had a problem on giving the Heritage Center $500,000. He said he wants to see an exact dollar amount on how much the addition of the Heritage Center would cost. All five council members votes yes on the approval of the money distribution to the following: $3 million going to the landfill expansion, $517,00 for the Parks Avenue bridge, $500,000 to the Heritage Center and $275,000 for landfill truck.
In May 2018, the City purchased property at 101 Mimosa Lane as part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Grant. Whitney Phillips, the City Clerk, stated that there is a house on the property that needs torn down, burned down or declared surplus. The money spent on this will be reimbursed from the FAA Grant. Attorney Stephen Kennamer suggested that it be surplus because some parts could be of value that the City could sell at an auction.

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