The Scottsboro City Council had a combined work session and meeting Monday night.

During the work session, Brenda Ivey spoke on the behalf of the Museum Commission, concerning the need of funds for an addition to the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center. The Brown-Proctor house was purchased to be used as a local history museum and a cultural center to help serve the cultural needs for the Scottsboro and Jackson County residents. The vision of the museum was for it to be used by the residents of Jackson County and provide support of a wide variety of the county’s activities. Meetings, receptions, social functions and lectures. The museum lacks the room to continue the mission of the Brown-Proctor house. “Handicap accessible is not a term we use for the Heritage Center,” Ivey explained. Functions are having to be turned down due to the lack of room. She stated that the meetings that they have monthly there at the Heritage Center barely holds all of them. The idea of the 3,000 square foot addition was presented to the Council in 2013. The one-story addition will be handicap accessible and accommodate 175-200 people. The museum board is asking for $500,000 for this addition. Ivey stated that if the council says yes to their proposal, any dollar amount over the $500,000 would be the Museums responsibility. “We will not come back and ask the city for additional money,” Ivey proclaimed.
Professional Disc Golf player, Yavonne Jamison and new player, Calvin Cornet, was at the work session to introduce Disc Golf and the idea of having a course built in Scottsboro. There are many teams that come from all over to Huntsville to play those courses bringing in lots of revenue. Hotels would be booked for tournaments, there would be tournament fees, shopping done while they were here and so on would in no time for itself. Yavonne not only plays Disc Golf, he designs courses as well with. He says safety is a huge factor when he does the designing of a course. The dollar amount to get this done question was asked. He stated for a good course, 30-50 acres, but he has done smaller ones that are just as successful.
A discussion on a Resolution concerning the landfill expansion was presented by Brad Green of Raymond James. Green explained the City’s long-term debt and its repayment information including the payment of a bond issue of $4.5 million. The City approved to continue the process of the bond. Of the $4.5 million, $3 million will go towards the landfill expansion and $1.5 million will go in general fund.
Signage for 18-wheeler routes are needed on highway 72 and Broad Street. The city will have to contact the state about signs going up on 72 to direct the trucks to “take this route”.
Council President Patrick Stewart said there needs to be a sign at the Cecil Street and Broad intersection to keep them from coming into town. The last time this issue was discussed there seem to be an insurance liability with signs or banners going across Broad Street. The Mayor will revisit the issue.
During the council meeting, the Highway Safety Improvement Project on Highway 72 and County Park was approved. The change is expected to help congested areas and cut down on wrecks. The cross over to McDonald’s will be closed. If traveling west on 72, vehicles will have to do a U-turn at County Park Road to reach McDonalds’ entrance. A traffic light will be installed to reach the access road in front of Dunhams’. Entrances to other businesses in the area will be modified as well.
According to Stewart, ALDOT had planned to do away with the crossover to McDonald’s the next time it was paved. The City of Scottsboro received a grant and to cover 90 percent of change, the city will cover the remaining 10 percent.
Stacy Ledwell was appointed as Department Head of Solid Waste and Wayne Moore was appointed over the Street Department.

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