Several items were discussed and approved  at the recent Jackson County Commission meeting.

Commissioner’s tabled the approval of the DHR building lease and the motion to approve the use of  the revenue commissioner’s discretionary fund to provide a pay raise for two employees.
Mr. George Lewis addressed commissioners regarding the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Lewis stated, “As a member of the Jackson County Commission, I assume that if we send you off on a trip, we give you a meal allowance. For example if it’s $30 a day and you spend more, we would reimburse you for the difference. On Tuesday, April 17, 2018 our Sheriff stated that he was tired of hearing about the inmate food money and that he was having to supplement this out of his own personal account. The Sheriff stated that he only receives $1.75 per day, per inmate, compared to the $30 we are expecting you to get when you go off on a trip. This is our problem. We should not be causing our Sheriff  to pay for the jail food out of his personal monies. I suggest you audit the fund for his last term of office, reimburse him for his personal funds used. I also suggest a fund be established so this doesn’t occur. I am told that we have the lowest paid Sheriff  in the state. There is no reason to compound this shameful situation by making him pay for the inmates meals out of his personal account. I believe our Sheriff is tired of hearing about the issue too. Thank you for your time and cooperation in solving this situation.”
Sheriff Chuck Phillips responded, “George, I never said that I’ve paid any money out of my pocket. We save money up to pay for special diets and that kind of thing. It is hard on $1.75. I’ve never paid any money out of my pocket. This has to be addressed by our Local Legislative Delegation. The County Commission can’t change this.”
Lewis reasserted that he feels if Phillips has paid anything out of his pocket, he should be reimbursed.
New Year holidays for December 31 and January 1 for county employees were approved;  O.C. D. Cleaning service was approved as the contracted cleaner for the cabins at the Jackson County Park, for a term of 6 months; A contract with Taylor Power Systems was approved for generator maintenance; A motion to appoint Jane Seltzer to the Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare Board was approved; Commissioners approved the purchase of an asphalt heater from the City of Scottsboro; and a motion to change the Commission Office’s Organizational Chart was approved.

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